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Hanging Fruit Basket

Need a little extra space in the kitchen? Is your counter becoming more cluttered than your desk at the office? Odds are the answer is yes, and you may need a hanging fruit basket.

If you are like most of us trying to eat a bit healthier these days, I bet fruit takes up a good part of your counter space.

We all try to start with the fruit in a bowl on the counter, but sometimes there is just too much to fit, and before you know it an apple is rolling under the kitchen table.

If this sounds familiar to you, then a hanging fruit basket and all the great designs they posses is just for you. There are a few types of hanging fruit baskets that are great for your kitchen depending on the style of your kitchen.

Types of Fruit Hanging Baskets

  • First is the bronze or copper hanging fruit basket that is the perfect fit for those whose kitchen has a country feel. They are a three tier basket set that usually hangs from a hook that can easily be installed in the ceiling.

Ideal for fruit, they can actually be used for just about anything you want; we won’t tell anyone if you decide to put some vegetables in these hanging baskets. They are sturdy and appealing to the eye in their rustic bronze or copper. Typical dimensions are 30"H x 12"D.


 hanging fruit basket

 fruit basket

 3 tier hanging fruit basket

  • The 3 tier chrome hanging fruit basket is ideal for the more contemporary kitchen, but can be used in any room of the house depending on your style. It easily allows people to see the color of your fruit, as they become an edible decoration. Dimensions are around are 30"H x 12"D.

 hanging baskets

 hanging basket

 hanging fruit baskets

  • Two-tier hanging Baskets are great for hanging off the kitchen ceiling or from under the counter. This is great because the fruit is still near you, just no longer taking up counter space. The 2 tier hanging fruit baskets come in chrome, nickel as well as copper. Overall they typically extend to 24” in height.
  • The 3 tier hanging woven fruit basket is similar to the other 3 tier hanging baskets, but with the woven look they are bit more stylish. Their hanging length is measured at around 31".
  • If you’re not up to hanging the fruit from the ceiling or are just looking for a different style, the two tiered Hanging Basket Iron Rack is great. One option is at 10.5 x 10.5 x 21", and it stands nicely in the corner of your kitchen or any room it is needed.

The fruit hanging baskets and fruit bowls these days are economical, stylish and practical. So, whether you are just looking to spruce up your kitchen, or need unique method of storage, the hanging fruit basket is the way to go. They are great for fruit, or any odds and ends you have around the house.

hanging fruit basketfruit hanging baskethanging fruit baskets